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Treatpay Brings New Instant DTH Recharge Online for You

Blog Say goodbye to your conventional DTH recharge by visiting local stores. You don’t need to deposit cash for having the DTH connection offline. Treatpay has the vast virtual network to provide the DTH recharge service to million people via trustworthy licensed agents and DTH retailers. Treatpay opens the new online DTH recharge portal to attract consumers in India. Become dependable associates of Treatpay and start improving your financial conditions. Treatpay has the fantastic premium plans for DTH retailers to get licenses for running online business.

Check Benefits of Working with Treatpay

  • Select the best DTH service providers to recharge the cable television
  • Faster support
  • No catch
  • No trouble to contact representatives to solve the problems online
  • Easy plans for you to complete registration
  • Invest small amount for buying membership to operate your business independently to earn money
  • Training is available
  • Free online advices
  • High speed network

DTH Recharge agent portal is a facility for dealers or agents to help their customers to get done the transaction of DTH Recharge and watch hassle-free shows, movies and whatever they wish too. DTH recharge has been seen growing in demand as there is now very less local cable network provider companies all across India.

Instant DTH Recharge Option Saves Your Time

Instant DTH recharge offer must save your time. In past , consumers were forced to go to the local DTH stores for recharge. They had to stand helplessly in front of the outlet to have the DTH recharge cards offline. The new trend is more flexible. Go for online instant DTH recharge to bring pleasure to home. We will activate your cable television within a few minutes. We help you enjoy by watching popular shows and movies on televisions. We have no obligation to resist you. It is a fast mobile DTH recharge program at the best price.

DTH Recharge Membership for Retailers/Agents

Easily, you will get our support when you become a true agent to deal with us. We have a great website for information deliver, transaction online and communication. Clear your payments using credit/debit cards. Call us if your DTCH recharge fails to respond. We have no problem to tackle the most critical situation.

No Paperwork – Use Your Mouse Clicks for DTH Recharge

We have changed old-fashioned manual documentation to recharge your DTH cable television. Right now, Treatpay has brought the new online DTH recharge plan for consumers. Do all transactions online without paperwork. We keep your information safe in our database.

Earn Extra Commission

Become our agents and earn extra commissions to offer our instant DTH recharge service to your local customers. We will guide and train you if required. After submitting the registration form online, please wait for phone call or sms or email to confirm the deals. Our representatives will give you effective guidance to operate customers.

Treatpay simplifies the DTH recharge process by launching new cross-device compatible online site. DTH agents are able to upgrade the cable television sets by simply using the mobile DTH recharge. It is much easy and user-friendly to you to have our top DTH recharge service.