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Easy and Convenient Online DTH Recharge

The local cable units have been replaced throughout the country and now DTH has become a common sight. By using Treatpay application or website, DTH Recharge Retailers could easily process online DTH recharge by using DTH Recharge Agent Portal through just simple and easy steps.

  • The First Step: The agents need to select their DTH providers from the list of all the DTH providers.
  • The Second Step: The next step which agents need to do is to select the matching offer from the wide range of recharge offers for DTH recharge as per their requirements.
  • The Third Step: Agents could now select their payment method for the transaction and complete the online DTH recharge successfully for customers successfully.

We Provide Secure Online DTH Recharge

The DTH services are spread all throughout the country despite this most DTH owners still prefer the old traditional way of DTH recharge i.e. processing the recharge through offline method through shops. This can have a lot of negative side and unwanted burden for the users like they will need to stand in a queue for long and that of paying physical cash to the shop owners etc. Treatpay whereas is an online platform which provides online recharge for a wide range of DTH providers and an option to DTH recharge agent registration. The platform of Treatpay is secure for both your privacy and your transactions for the online DTH recharge.

Treatpay with its innovative and transforming technology have developed DTH Recharge Agent Portal for agents and retailers. By using this product DTH recharge retailers could process the payment for DTH recharge of the customers in a few seconds through any PC, Laptop or phone with proper internet connectivity.

About Treatpay DTH Recharge Agent Portal

  • Provides recharges for all DTH operators.
  • Upfront commission for DTH recharge retailers.
  • Low investment for DTH recharge agent registration.
  • Available on websites and play store.
  • Instant activation for agents after DTH recharge agent registration.
  • Easy to explain the business with no risk factor.
  • 24 hours recharge facility through DTH recharge agent portal.
  • High-Speed network for DTH Recharge Retailers.
  • High Margins of profit after DTH Recharge Agent Registration.

What Does Retailer get after DTH Recharge Agent Registration?

  • DTH recharge retailers get the benefits of all recharges through a single login.
  • High commission on any recharge, any amount or any network through DTH recharge agent portal.
  • Instant recharge with the proper transaction ID.
  • DTH Recharge agent portal comes along with B2B interface to check Transactions and Reports.

How to Get DTH Recharge Agent Portal

Worried about getting the process done of How to Get DTH Recharge Agent Portal. Get Instant activation by just filling the form for Treatpay DTH Recharge Agent Registration and Our Representative will guide you through and guide you the handling of DTH Recharge Agent Portal.

The only requirement for starting this DTH recharge retailer business is to have a PC or Laptop or Tablet or Smart Phone with proper working internet connectivity.

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