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Become A Domestic Money Transfer Agent

One of the most successful business to start working and earning a good amount of revenue and commission. Treatpay provides you great opportunity to become a domestic money transfer agent and help customers in the transactions of money in India. The domestic money transfer business in India has stored a lot of business opportunity for Individuals to become domestic money transfer agent. All you need to do is fill up the form to start with money transfer registration. According to some approximate data of the domestic market, there were more than 96 million money orders through India post last year. This is just a fraction of data about the remittances business in India as there are more formal and informal routes for proceeding with the money transfer.

There are huge benefits associated to become a domestic money transfer agent as there are huge revenue and commissions earning potential in the domestic India market and it has an equal amount of opportunity in the international market as well. Once you would acquire the Money transfer login panel then you will understand the real volume of the money transfer business and how much profits are there to be earned. There are more individuals who are readily able to do money transfer registration for starting their own high return with no investment.

The Advantage of Domestic Money Transfer Agent Registration

Treatpay is one of the best franchise company in India which offers money transfer registration and numerous other business franchise, models. There are thousands and thousands of money transfer agents who trust the name of Treatpay and they hold an individual or money transfer agency. The individuals after getting the domestic money transfer agent login are linked along with the trusted bank which would help them to send money across different banks across in India.

How to Become a Money Transfer Agent?

Treatpay provides all the agencies and individuals from different places to start their money transfer business with very minimum investment and basic documentation. The only thing which you need to do is to fill up the form of money transfer registration and thus proceed with the further process. Our sales executive will reach you in no time and guide you with the further process to become a domestic money transfer agent. They would provide with all the information for starting your own money transfer business without any trouble.

Become a Money Transfer Registered Agent in 3 Simple Steps:

  • You are required to fill in Join us form to become a money transfer agent.
  • In order to complete with your money transfer registration, you will need to send us your documents.
  • You will receive the license and start a business after getting money transfer login panel.

This is a great opportunity for retailers to earn high margins and incentives with a small investment. The safe and secure platform can be used to transfer money into any bank account. The application and enrolment process for retailers to become a domestic money transfer agent is very easy and could be done by just filling the form.

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