Easiest Way to become AEPS Agent

Blog Before knowing the easiest way to become AEPS Agent let us first look at some things related to the Background and objectives of AEPS.

In order to speed up the financial transactions across the country, RBI constituted two working groups on MicroATM standards and Central infrastructure and connectivity. These two workings would help in the Aadhar based financial transactions. The two working groups which were constituted this facility were members representing RBI under Unique Identification Authority of India and Institute for development and research in banking technology.

The working group further submitted a report to RBI and proposed a lab level proof of concept which was for integrating the authentication and encryption standards of UIDAI. The proof of concept was in the end successfully demonstrated across various venues throughout the nation.

AePS is a bank-led model which provides people to easily carry forward financial transaction through the business correspondent of any bank using the authentication of Aadhar. This has also led way for lots of opportunities for getting AEPS Agent registration in India done.

AEPS agent should keep in mind that the only things which would be required for a customer for conducting a transaction through AePS are as follows:

  • First identification of the bank should be done to which the customer is associated.
  • Customer Aadhar Number.
  • Fingerprint captured during the enrolment of Aadhar.

The Objectives behind AePS and how AEPS Agent Login Would Help?

  • For empowering a bank customer to make use of his/her Aadhar as an identity for enabling Aadhar enabled bank account. This would help customers in performing the basic banking transactions which includes cash deposit, cash withdrawal, intrabank or interbank fund transfer.
  • Serving the goal of Government and Reserve bank of India in benefitting the financial inclusion.
  • Serving the goal of RBI in electronification of retail payments.
  • Providing AEPS Agent registration and thus enable banks to route the Aadhar initiated interbank transactions.
  • Government entitlements are easily facilitated using the AePS methods which include NREGA, Social Security Pension, Handicapped Old Age Pension, etc.
  • Safe and secured interoperations of banks easy and fast.
  • Leading to the foundation for a full range of Aadhar enabled banking services.

The AEPS agent login would help the customers in different ways which would include cash withdrawal, cash deposit, balance inquiry, Aadhar to Aadhar fund transfer, mini statement, etc.

You can easily find a way to register yourself as an AEPS agent and you could also use the website like TreatPay to become AEPS Agent. Becoming an AePS agent would not only provide you a source of income but it also helps in earning high revenue and helping people who are in need of such payment methods.