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Phone Bills May Not Go Down Further Confirms Mobile Recharge Agents

Blog In the past six months there have been a 30-40% drop in the average mobile bills. According to the sources subscribers are unlikely to see any downfall in the monthly mobile post-paid and prepaid bills. So obviously people feel that this is the best time to become prepaid mobile agent. As this consent period of mobile monthly bills will help businesses also be stable.

Telecom operators are providing people with lots of more data and entertainment packages so that their customers be loyal to use their services. In order to meet the tariff plans presented by the Reliance Jio, mobile phone providers like Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular and Vodafone India have provided lots of benefits to subscribers. Even prepaid mobile recharge agent registration fees in India has been reduced.

Now the data charges per GB has been reduced to 10% of what the subscribers used to pay in the past. Due to this there has been huge demand for both prepaid and postpaid new mobile connections. So, seeing to the chances and opportunities this would be your best time to apply online for postpaid mobile recharge ageny registration and to earn good revenues.

Tele companies are making these efforts for lowering the costs of smartphones and featurephones especially for the start level phones so that people deal in using more and more amounts of data. However, no one claimed how much or how far there would be drop in the prices of smartphones and featurephones in the coming days.

The best or the maximum downfall in the prices of the monthly bills over the period of next year or so for the subscribers would be 10-15 percent. People who are doing more recharges would be benefitted more by some excellent offers coming through the mobile phone services provider company. Become Prepaid Mobile Recharge Agent and earn great revenues through the recharges your subscribers or customers processes.

The competitions between the different mobile service provider companies are changing the dynamics of the mobile prepaid and postpaid recharges rapidly and there are more data and free calls offerings made by the mobile phone companies.

Seeing this demand in the mobile phone connections, there has been a subsequent decline when you apply for prepaid mobile recharge agent registration fees in India.

These efforts are for stalling the drop in average revenue per user by the mobile services providing companies. The major benefits through this downfall is also for the agents and retailers so there would be no better time than this to become prepaid mobile recharge agent.

The motive behind these offers of data and so much free calls made by the provider companies is due to the making more and more customer base than their competitors. For example: there are offers where Airtel is offering free Amazon Prime Subscriptions to the people who recharges above the certain limit, while Vodafone India is also offering free Netflix subscriptions to some of their customers, and similarly, Idea as been seen signing content partnerships with Eros, Balaji and Sony Music.

These existing offers will be provided to customers who make the prepaid or postpaid recharges above the certain level. Usually the certain level is more than 300 which means is you have become prepaid mobile recharge agent you will get good amount of revenue on processing the recharges for the more than 300 ones.

There are nearly one out of every fifth customers going for bundle plans which usually costs a person more than 300 on an average. And according to the estimations these customers are going to increase up to 40% in a year. One fourth of subscribers of every mobile services provider company has shifted to the bundled plans in the period of last 9-10 months. And this shift is expected to rise by at least 50% in the next two years or so. The highest deduction as per the packs of the mobile phone service providers are concerned will be in the differences between the bundled packs, soon there would be not more differences between the bundled packs of most of mobile service provider companies.

There will be no better time to become prepaid mobile recharge agent and earn good amount of revenues by processing the recharges for the postpaid and prepaid customers. Still Thinking? Apply online for Postpaid mobile recharge agenty registration or Prepaid Mobile recharge agent registration in India.