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Troubled by High Electricity Bills? Here is what you should do

Blog Often it might have happened that you would have got a high electricity bill and you are not aware of the reason why your bill is high and what you should do to keep it checked? You must be thinking about where to go and must be searching for the Electricity bill payment principal service provider in order to get all the details related to your high electricity bills. The most common thing which people do is blaming the utility company or the electricity bill payment agency. But only a few people are aware of the ways of finding out why the bills are high and these steps are way too easy and don’t have anything technical things related to it.

The first thing which you should do is not just look at the amount in rupees on the electricity bill in order to say that the bill is too high. You should always observe the units consumed on the bill and compare it with the previous month’s units consumed and the units consumed in the same month in the previous year as well. If you are not able to read and compare it by yourself then you should probably take the help of electricity provider.

When you see the units consumed are comparable then it could happen that the power tariff applied on the electricity bill by your electricity bill payment principal service provider has been changed which has been resulted in a higher amount of electricity bill charged. There is also the possibility that the fixed cost component on your electricity bill might have changed which are causing you the higher electricity bills. But you cannot consider it usually as very significant.

If your units consumed are totally different from the previous month or in the same month of the previous year then you should consider in doing the check of your electricity meter reading and make sure that the bills provided by electricity bill payment agency show the right meter reading. In India most part of the country, manual reading is carried out from the electric meter reading and thus your bill could have the possibility of human error. This step can assure you that the meter reading is taken rightly by your electricity bill payment principal service provider.

And after checking all these steps you need to see whether there is any kind of electricity leakages in your house or not. The first thing you need to do is to switch off the mains or the power mains in your setup and you should also check if the meter is moving/changing or not. In case if it moving or changing then either the meter is broken and you could show it to your service provider to get back the overcharged money. You should also look that there are no unwanted wires or external wire which doesn’t belong to you are connected to your meter and this could be checked by an electrician.

And if the meter does not move after switching off the mains then the next thing which you are supposed to do is to switch off all the appliances and then turn on the mains of your house. The meter moves mean that there is some faulty wiring in your electric set up which is the reason for the electricity leakage at your house and you need to get it fixed by an electrician. There are chances that any electric appliances are connected to your mains lines which are causing high bills and there are is no fault if any of your service provider. So, you should also check that it is correct and if not then you should correct it.

These simples’ steps which are mentioned above can be used easily to help you carry out a self-energy audit for your house. Alternatively, there are many electricity bill payment agent registration in our country which carry these audit facilities and help the people at very service charges. People can also search for the local energy service companies or some audit firms which could help you do the same.